Don’t wait any longer let a CTG tax professional secure a tax compliance program for you. 

As if dealing with crippling credit card debt wasn’t enough, approximately 20 million Americans have a tax liability and require the help of a tax professional. 

The reason why many of these individuals need a tax professional is because, if forced to pay the entire tax liability, they would most likely be pushed into bankruptcy. Rather than succumb to the collection methods of the IRS/State and jeopardize your financial future, it is a viable option to hire an experienced tax professional and possibly settle a significant portion of the tax liability. 

By hiring the experienced tax professionals at Crest Tax Group to resolve your tax situation, tax debt can become a think of the past. In order to settle your tax liability and protect yourself from IRS/State bank and wage levies, property liens or frozen assets, often times the involvement of a tax professional becomes a necessity. 

To resolve back tax debt, our tax professionals will represent your best interests while negotiating with the IRS/State. They have a number of options to facilitate a settlement, either through enrolling the client in an Offer in Compromise program or setting up an appropriate and affordable payment plan that suits your income. 

In addition to experienced tax professionals, Crest Tax Group will assign a professional case manager that’s work hand and hand with your assigned Tax Attorney or Enrolled Agent to assist you through the process of your case. They will inform you of the required steps, notify you when action is required and oversee the case from beginning to end. At Crest Tax Group, it is our philosophy that informed clients make the best clients and we will do everything in our power to assist you at every step of this difficult process.