Tax Relief doesn't end with resolving your current IRS tax debt problems. 

Staying current with future tax responsibilities and maintaining ongoing compliance with federal and state tax laws is critically important.  In fact, it is usually a requirement for any tax debt settlement.  Understanding that, Crest Tax Group provides a variety of on-going tax services to provide assistance to clients and help ensure their current tax problems don't repeat themselves.


Small Businesses

Crest Tax Group provides a variety of ongoing bookkeeping and tax preparation services to help small business run a tighter ship and maintain future compliance with all income and payroll tax responsibilities.  In addition, we also have developed an Employee Tax Services Program (ETS) to provide effective tax resolution assistance to your employees should they encounter tax problems they cannot resolve.  Ensuring your employees are able to deal with their individual tax problems leads to a happier and more productive business team.


Individual Taxpayers

Paying your taxes can be a complicated and time consuming process.  So many forms and so little help in filling them out properly!  Well, not any more! 

The tax team at the Crest Tax Group understands the difficulties in navigating the ever-changing landscape of IRS tax law.  While helping taxpayers with tax debt from previous tax years is at the core of our business, we have also developed a program to provide our clients ongoing support and assistance with tax preparation to ensure they keep tax debt problems a "thing of the past".  Our team of  tax professionals and CTEC certified tax consultants represent taxpayers, nationwide ... and our tax season is all year long.  We're dedicated to providing outstanding service and ensuring our clients are made aware of changes to the tax code that impact their returns. So, you can feel confident in letting Crest Tax Group serve your tax preparation needs.