Did you know that one-third of employees owe or end up owing money to the IRS or State Taxing Authorities? Many of these employees have little or no means to pay their debts and as time passes, the situation only gets worse. In fact, the number of employees with tax issues is steadily increasing. 

Your employees’ tax troubles can and will hurt your organization. Serious consequences result when IRS/State debts go unpaid. Your employees could face wage garnishment--funds seized from paychecks. Your employees could face a bank levy—funds seized from bank accounts. Both as a result of unpaid taxes or unfiled income tax returns. 

As a result of these collection activities, employees may experience stress, anxiety and ultimately their job performance will suffer. Crest Tax Group can help. We specialize in all areas of tax services for both the IRS and State.  For employees with IRS/State back tax problems, we can help release wage garnishments, bank levies, prepare unfiled tax returns, and file settlement offers on behalf of your employees.  In addition to tax resolution services, Crest Tax Group also offers on-going tax preparation and bookkeeping services.

There is no cost to employers who wish to enroll in the Crest Tax Group's ETS Program
and their employees will receive a 30% discount off of tax services’ fees. 


If you’re interested in the Employee Tax Services Program or any other tax services we offer, contact our team of tax professionals, today.


When employees remain in compliance with the IRS/State, they can reach some peace of mind. The ETS Program was designed to provide effective help in a time of crisis and increase awareness of available services. Once your employees are able to resolve their tax issues, their improved financial health will lead to an increase in productivity, higher morale, and financial security.