We get it! Most small business owners have way too much on their plates to effectively manage each and every facet of their business.  To improve their profitability, they work "lean" meaning they find themselves having to wear many different hats and take on many different roles within their organization. Unfortunately, all too often, their company's bookkeeping is one of the areas that doesn't get enough attention.

We also realize many small businesses simply cannot afford full-time accounting and HR personnel. And, very often, delegating the preventive financial maintenance and accounting to a member of the administrative staff isn't possible or doesn't make sense. And, because we have worked with so many small business owners with IRS tax problems, we know how important effective bookkeeping is to maintaining tax compliance and preventing future tax problems.

That's why the Crest Tax Group offers monthly bookkeeping services to small businesses that need assistance with monthly operating statements, bank reconciliations, audit trails, balance sheets, financial graphs and budgets, and more. By providing that necessary support to ensure your bookkeeping needs are satisfied, you'll be able run your business and have one less hat you'll need to wear. We'll make sure your company bookkeeping is managed effectively, ensuring that you will always have the accurate data you need to fully understand how your company is performing. The team at Crest Tax Group will help you "keep an eye" on your day-to-day financial transactions and make sure that all transactions relating to sales, purchases, income, payments, and vendors are handled properly and that everything is kept in good order to reduce any improper monetary transactions.

Using the latest accounting technology, it’s easier than ever before for the Crest Tax Group team to assist our business clients with their bookkeeping needs without ever stepping foot inside their office. Whether the transactions are daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, and/or yearly, Crest Tax Group records all required financial transactions. Let our expert staff help you realize your business’ full potential.